Sunday, January 1, 2012

happy new year

Resolutions begin
end of day one
1. give my daughter a new bed. Check. She's been sleeping on a fold out couch for about 6 months. Now she's in a purple paradise.
2. spend more time with the kids & less time at the shop. Spent all day at home today, first day in 3 weeks. Check. (At least until this weekend when we get hit with the Cygnet Folk Festival)
3. don't twitter while drinking. Check. Easy, I'll just blog instead & watch Rana take a few more wickets. You beauty. He's done it again
4. find out if Rana's married
5. if Rana is married, find out if Brett Geeves is. He's pretty funny.
6. remember I'm already married
7. and that my husband's a pretty nice guy
8. and the kids are just lovely too

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