Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Are you glad you came?

January, an interesting time of year for me.
It all started back in 1975, January 31st. I was born.
I arrived in Sydney 20 years ago today. A week later was my first day in an Australian school. I caught my first wave on a boogie board that afternoon and three years later, I started dating my husband (late January). I started my last job in Sydney, that I really enjoyed, in January & left in January, 5 years later. I left because I moved to Cygnet, yes, again, in January, on the 18th. I took over the lease of our shop in January last year. So here I find myself, 20 years after stepping off the plane, with two beautiful children, a lovely man on my arm & happy as can be.
Every year my mother asks me, 'are you glad you came?' This morning in my driveway, I messaged my sister with , 'are you glad you came?' From the time it took me to drive from my house to the post office, I got a message from hubby saying, "Kitty (mum) just rang to ask, 'are you glad you came?'" & in between I'd rung her to ask the same question & she told me how she had just rung my sister to ask her the same question & her reply was, "I was just thinking about that. 'Twas a momentous occasion. We left Ireland in -2 degrees and arrived in Sydney to 36 degrees. Am I glad I came?
Oh yes.

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  1. hi, im another that is glad she came. As a teenager, it was ice and snow when i left uk 30 years ago next week and 40 degrees when we landed in WA. Im over the heat now and moved to the beautiful huon valley 15 months ago. And definately glad i came. Good luck with the shop and the Moma markets