Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's a big world out there

I'm discovering how small this world is, or perhaps it's not so small, rather it is just that many of the people I have met in Cygnet hail from the same areas of Sydney that I used to frequent. Take Giselle & Alex from the Lotus Eaters, they used to live in Marrickville, next suburb to us in St Peters. I often liken Mary Street, Cygnet to Marrickville Road, Sydney. Full of great food experiences, excellent delis, multi-national grocers and fruit & veg shops, with people happily looking at their destination across the road but forgetting to look for cars on the way.
Simon the Baker, at Yo-Yos Bakery next door to us, used to play in a band called 'Cult 45'. "'Cult 45', you say. That rings a bell. Hang on, did you rehearse at Troy Horse studios in Redfern?". "Yeeeaaahhh???" was Simon's curious & suspicious reply. "I used to work there, I thought the name was familiar, I reckon we've met before, about 15 years ago". Well I'll be.
And speaking of Sydney's inner west music scene, Nikki, who has worked with me for the past couple of years, is married to local Cygnet poet & playwright, Gary Hemmings, who also hails from Sydney. Gary & David (husband, father of two gorgeous sprogs, altogether cool-guy) as it turns out frequented the same Sydney pubs, gigs and nights-on-the-town for about 20 years prior to moving to Cygnet, unbeknownst to either of them One night in our lounge room they start piecing it all together and reminisce over their favourite nights out, "yeah, I went to see them, and them and them..I was there too....Landsdowne, Hopetoun, Sando, Annandale.... "

Silk Swan by G G Hemmings

I loved living in Sydney and now I love living in Cygnet. There is something about this little place on the bottom edge of the map. It's full of possibilities.

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