Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh Fruits Preserve Us!

An Ocean of Christmas Chocolates

So, I am getting into the Folk Fest mood that's engulfing Cygnet and listening to Simon and Garfunkle and am being thrown back to 1989, Valerie O'Brien's house and listening to her brother's "Sounds of Silence" album.

Chocolate, 2011. We are back into production but Nikki is away until the end of the month so, not full production, but we're going well none-the-less.

Cygnet is sunny and warm and so are my ambitions for 2011. I'm in the throes of dehydrating white & red currnants, raspberries and eating all the cherries I am supposed to be brandying. Peas are on the menu every day and 2.5, who will now be known as 3, is eating them by the cup full. All is well and lovely. Next big plans are for are the Middleton Fair in February and the Taste of the Huon in March. Not so scared this year. Last year we had Janine's wedding the week before, decided to make hay while the sun shone. Did that. Sun shone too much while we were away and everything went awry. Threw everything out and had to start from scratch with 5 days to go. This year we won't be going anywhere.

We are also now the proiud owners of two wine fridges, a baby one and a mother of one that is bigger than I am! Come on sun, bring it on...oooh, maybe I shoudn't be so cocky.

My beloved Chestnut Tree is looking luscious. We have a very pretty little window in the corner of our kitchen and that frames the leaves of the branches hanging down. Beautiful. I love my house.