Thursday, November 25, 2010

Oh yeah! My camera's back...

Well, what a great way to start the Ashes, Kerry's on the radio, Hilfenhaus gets the first wicket and Doherty gets the last two.

Catch up from the last few weeks:

Most importantly, you might remember Stephen-of-the-lemon-creams, who will now be known as Andrew (since that's his name), gave his verdict on the lemon creams, and the long and short of it was, they need work. He is getting back to me with a sample of what he is after and I will dutifully oblige, especially if they're good.

Excitement on the home front, 6.5, who is now 6.75, finally lost his first tooth this week. It was becoming a bit of a problem for him as he was the only 6-year-old in class who hadn't lost a tooth. Well no more! He's back in the cool gang (kinda nice when entry is based on how many teeth you don't have)

Next week we are off to The Pretenders & Blondie, we are making a weekend of it and heading to Perth for Utsi Cafe, back to Seven Sheds for pink beer and collecting a couple of Sydney-siders along the way. A car full of fun.

Upcoming chocolates: Lymington Nunnery Chai Truffles, Christmas glitter will be featuring traditional colours of red, gold and green, red, gold and greeeeen, every day is like survival-survival, you're my lover not my rival....

Goodness, where did that come from?

Might be time to sign off now. Franklin Market in the morning.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Milkman of Human Kindness

This is one for the wine deliveries which mysteriously arrive on my doorstep, eventhough no one is ever seen arriving or leaving.