Monday, September 17, 2012

The gifts that keep on giving

My Lucky Man
For gifts for special occasions, we like our gifts to be useful. Throughout the year I tally the number certain things mentioned as being 'nice', 'handy' and especially if they get an 'ooohhh', then whatever gets to the most mentions wins. We seem to have refined our methods these days and baby we've been doing well.
For years, birthdays, Christmas and Mothers' Day, I would get a cook book and a CD, regardless of what suggestions I had made, subtly disguised as general observations. It took me a while to realise that my disguises were a bit too subtle. But I've got to say, I do have an amazing array of cookbooks and we have a mightily impressive CD collection. So now I always have lots of music to listen to while cooking a myriad of dishes, most recently using the Fathers' Day tagine and our new beaut paella dish, both purchased at our fantastic fruit and veg shop, Cygnet Larder. Love that shop.

And now we find ourselves heading towards Christmas, so my closing word to this blog is

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  1. I hope there will be an avalanche of hammock for you at the end of this year! :) Practical gifts are so awesome.