Friday, August 10, 2012

Voice Crushes

A friend on Facebook listed an article about Bjork & David Attenborough and whether the pairing would work or not & it go me to thinking... My mum and I both like Bjork and many years ago we discovered we both had voice crushes on Sir David. When she was a kiddy, she would run home for school every Wednesday to catch Sir David's latest adventures on the wireless.
And so the story goes on, I have voice crushes on Sir David, Pierre Van Dorme (can't spell his name, but he's a French friend of David's who has the same deep throated accent as Daniel Auteuil, oooh, I just have a whopping all-encompassing crush on him. mmmmmm.....)
Back to the voices, then we have Rob Snarski from the Blackeyed Susans, well, just take a moment to listen to this

And last, but definitely not least, Peter Gee, News Reader Extraordinaire,with moments in the car when the news comes on and I say, "a bit of shoosh, Peter's on." "Ahh mum!"

We have entered the Hobart Fine Food awards for the past few years and each year at the awards dinner, Peter is there. I get to listen to him for hours and then wrap my arms around him for a quick cuddle & photo opportunity. This year we won't be able to make it. My mum and dad's 50th anniversary is on in Sydney, which is very exciting, but it means we will miss out on Peter. But here's to you!

(Cygneture will be closed from Saturday, August 11 to Thursday, August 23rd)

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