Sunday, June 3, 2012

Winter, websites and good intentions

We've been busy little bees these last weeks, David has started a Cygneture Facebook page 
and we have been working on our website. Hopefully we'll finish the draft this week and send it off to our trusty friend, Richard Mitchell from Jump Shots, to update for us.

Salty Sea

The past two weeks have been taken up with making salted caramels for the Bruny Island Cheese Club offer. Nikki excelled and David lovingly folded boxes. Thank you, you two.

The delivery will take place tomorrow, while on our way to Cradle Mountain for a few days. Good Fun to be had by us. We'll be heading up with friends, to meet more friends, my kind of holiday. We have packed plenty of goodies collected at Cygnet Market today, Ed & Jeanette's pork pie, Cathy's almond shortbread and Cam's date & hazelnut loaf. No Sunday bubbles for us tonight, we're having an AFD, saving up for tomorrow night. 

My Thoughtful Spot

Our garden is looking lovely at the moment, thanks to a long warm summer & autumn, and to Alex Sini who has been helping us to reclaim our plants and flowers. It is again a lovely place to be. Our house faces east so the sun comes up over our pretty front porch, where we sit and have endless cups of tea in the morning.

In the afternoons and evenings we retire to the back of the house and change our beverage selection to bubbles, beer, wine or cider, depending on who is visiting at the time. Lately we've been having a few mini bonfires to welcome in the cooler evenings while we listen to the footy teams training down the road and the cattle lowing up the hill. Tomorrow night we will be listening for possums and wombats. I hope. Now to the kitchen, dinner is needed for two over-excited little cherubs. resolve is weak....

And so we realise that I have little or no will power, but really it is over-rated, isn't it...

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