Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend on Bruny

Bruny Island Cruises with Pennicott Wilderness Adventures
Mother and calf (photo doesn't do them justice)
We had been promising to do the cruise for the last few years and luckily for us we chose to go on Saturday. Within twenty minutes of setting out we came across a humpback whale and her new calf. The staff couldn't have been more welcoming and informative and I have never had so much fun in the wind and rain in my life.

Next stop was obligatory visit to Bruny Island Cheese to buy some 1792 and Saint that was so runny and yummy it was like spreading a thick gooey creamy sensation over my bread. The bread is baked on site in the wood fired oven outside that was still warm when I walked by and smelled so good I could have eaten the bricks.

Then on to Hiba for some fudge. People ask me why I don't make fudge and my answer is always the same, "Why would I try when they do it so well?".

Cloudy Bay
After hanging about Lunawanna in the morning, we were off for a run on Cloudy Bay where the surf was up and the surfers were heading down by the car load.
BISH: Bruny Island Smoke House

We had planned to have lunch at BISH, which was delicious and were going to go for a bit of a wander after that, but then we noticed an increasing number of cars boot scooting down to the ferry. It quickly became evident that I mixed up the ferry timetable again.
Take note that if you haven't joined the Bruny Island Cheese Club, the BISH hot smoked trout is as optional extra on offer this time round:

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