Monday, July 2, 2012

Very superstitious

Those of you who know me well enough, know that I'm very superstitious. I currently have 13 registered followers on this blog, can someone get me off it pleeeeasssee???? First up gets a Cygneture origin bar. Pick-up only, so Kitty Lynch, Carmel Burke, Edward Ward, Danielle Klinge and all your foreign friends & associates and all of my foreign  my friends and associates, you are exempt unless you turn up on my door. Please take this as a loving invitation to turn up on my door any time you like.

Also, Edward, you have a significant package developing in your lovely wife, so a significant package is developing over here to celebrate too, with musical notes and pink booties for girls & little sailing ships for boys (actually, either way the bub will gets both just to ensure non-gender-snootiness)
Ms. Lynch, you'll get what's coming to you, when I get my act together. It's the perfect time for posting to Europe, north of France at least. It's cold & wintry here and summer over there. As I said, perfect for posting...

Speaking of winter's chilly fingers reaching out for us, we had the Lantern Parade here to celebrate the pagan side of Cygnet

Snowman (obviously)

 Crowds gather
(good time to catch up with people you only get to see at Christmas Parade and Lantern Festival)

 Ceremonial Teapot

Ceremonial Teapot on Fire

My little man and his mates

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the Cygnet Arts Community for another great parade this year. Yet another reason I LOVE LIVING RIGHT HERE

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