Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Unreliables Replaced

A Taste of the Huon. Ranelagh Showgrounds. Sunday 13th & Monday14th of March

We are heading to the busiest weekend of my chocolate calendar year.'Tis fierce exciting and my 'trusty side-kick', Nikki, will be 'trusty' no longer. With only 6 months notice, she's off to her sister's wedding. A wedding on the busiest weekend of MY year. It's only her only sister!!!!! Well, she's been replaced by Margie, the artist nurse, on Sunday and a combination of my mother, wannabe Elvis, and David....David...

We get to Unreliable No.2. For those of you who don't know, David goes interstate every second week. "Whatever you do, don't go the week before the Taste. It's my busiest weekend of the year" (have I said that before??)

Last week, in front of 'Unreliable No.1, "I need to go to Melbourne next week and I'll be leaving on Monday night so that I can get two full days in, but I'll be catching the early flight home on Thursday, so I'll be home by 7 o'clock". Wha???? Going away....7 o'clock???? What's early about that?????

The Unreliables.

Not to worry, I've got Margie-The-Artist to keep me healthy. And my mother to tell me whatever mothers tell their daughters...

Fun Bits: The shop & kitchen were approved by council yesterday. Yahoooeeee. So we'll be moving in ASAP.
'On the menu for the Taste (as long as I get the time to finish....)

Apple Confit Caramels
Pear Liqueur Caramels
Rhubarb & Blue Gum (an old favourite that I can make again because Gerard gave me some more rhubarb)
Blueberry & Garden Mint (the blue one)
Ginger & Cherry
Salted caramels
Hazelnut praline
Raspberry pralines
Mint discs
Plum bites
Strawberry & Gooseberry truffles
LN Chai Truffles (Lotus Eaters Chai)
Chocolate-dipped strawberries and blueberries
and lots, lots more
Also introducing Leatherwood honeycomb in white, as well as dark and the old favourite, milk.

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