Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lemon creams and the occasional table

And oh what a beautiful day it is today, tomorrow looks set to be even warmer and sunnier. Summer is afoot.

Nikki has returned at last and to celebrate her first day helping in the kitchen I planned to take some photos of her. Get to the kitchen, I was sure I put the camera in the car, but perhaps I didn't. So the day went into honeycomb, mint discs and going vegan with fruit & nut cluster, dark chocolate discs, animals and jungle pops. Forgot to bring storage boxes so a quick trip home was required. Happy-happy. Sunny drive. Through my front gate. Oh-no. No. Surely that's not my camera... Yup, right in the middle of the driveway with a whopping muddy tyre mark squashed into the middle of it.

Hence no photos in this edition.

Wednesday improves. Another sunny day and a date with friends. Drop 6.5 to school, pop into post office. Yippee, parcel to pick up. Yahoo, Amazon delivers. I loooove Amazon, it comes right to your doorstep, or it would if I had postal service to my door.

Chocolate books, bread books, medicine books, food DVDs.

Set off to visit friends, lovely morning, arrive home to find that the pixies have been to my door and left me bottles of wine. Oh can the day get any better than this?? Kiddies tired, both in bed asleep by 7:30. Mmmm.... time to enjoy a glass.

So, we have this lovely occasional-table that we set beside the couch for nights like this and it works a treat when you remember to put it there. It doesn't work quite as well when you think it's there, but really it's folded neatly against the wall. Plonk (I wonder if that is how the phrase was coined in relation to wine?) There was no occasional-table, just my carpet. Plonk.

So now we have lemon creams (keeping with the vegan theme too). I was asked to make fruit creams, 'the old fashioned ones you used to be able to buy, but can't find anywhere anymore'. So for Stephen at Salamanca, this one's for you!!

All going well, 48 lemon creams, using Glendevie lemons, time for dipping, a bit sticky...mmm... take care...not going well, noooooo. It was like a horror movie about a deep sea monster or an alien in a building. 48 went in, but only 15 came out. Stephen better like them. Stephen better turn up for them!

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