Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coming Back to Earth

A huge THANK YOU to Eagle Plastics in Hobart for making my display cabinet. It's great. Salamanca is a lot of hard work. Between getting organised to get there and then trying to make logical sentences all day, I was glad to have Nikki with me, I don't think I would have gotten through my first day without her. Cheers.

The market was a hoot and the stall holders couldn't have been more helpful, everyone was incredibly helpful so thank you to all.

I submitted our Cygneture entries for the Hobart Fine Food Awards in five categories today. I meant to take photos before packing them off, but I had too much going on in my cluttered brain. We entered Boxed Chocolates, Leatherwood Honeycomb, Marshmallow (elderberry, elderflower, vanilla & raspberry), Gingerbread and Christmas Pudding (I got 'Best Pudding' at the Huon Show last year with that one, so I'd better do well or I will be very put out!!).

Here's yet another 'thank you' for Bruce and Jasmine at the Old Bank B&B in Cygnet for letting me borrow their thermometer after mine met with a nasty accident at the bottom of a pot of boiling sugar and for trotting down to the 'bottom butcher' to borrow a cryovac pack for me to vacuum seal my pudding for the awards. Funny place, Cygnet, you can need the strangest things and someone will always come up with a solution and everyone is ready to lend a hand.
Well, I'll be at Salamanca again this week, site C51, Davey Street end again, so hope to see you there.

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